Gym Safety Tips for Healthy Workouts

You exercise at the gym to improve your health, but you need to be aware of the risks that lurk there. Learn how to prevent common accidents that can shut down your workouts. With these tips, you can keep your workouts safe.


  1. Get a Yearly Health Check-Up
    Medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease can sneak up even on active people, so don’t skip your yearly check-up. Most gyms and exercise programs will request or require that you get a check-up to ensure you don’t have a health problem that could be made worse by certain types of exercise. But you’ll have to remember to make the appointment yearly.
  2. Don’t Skip the Warm-up and Cool-Down
    Doing a warm-up exercise can get the blood flowing to your muscles and prepare you for more exertion.
  3. Make Gradual Increases in Your Training
    Your body will experience a great training effect if you gradually increase your time, intensity, or reps of an exercise. A great body isn’t built in a day, and doing too much too soon will increase your risk of injury.
  4. Use Good Technique
    If you use bad posture and overstride on the treadmill, you will get aches, pains, and overuse injuries. Working on core stability, positioning, and posture will help prevent injuries and sore muscles.
  5. Use a Personal Trainer for Gym Advice
    While there are apps and written instructions you can use to try to get the right technique, nothing beats having an expert eye on your form.
  6. Keep the Gym Clean and Neat
    One of the biggest risks of a gym accident is tripping over something left lying around. Clear the area of objects you may stumble over during your moves. Clean the equipment after you use it to prevent sharing colds and flu. Most gyms have disinfectant available for wiping down equipment.
  7. Gym Equipment and Machine Safety
    Treadmills, exercise bikes, and weight machines all have moving parts with the risk of pinching and crushing your fingers and toes if you aren’t paying attention. This is why most gyms do not allow children (no matter how well-supervised) in the workout area.
  8. Spotters for Lifting Weights
    Many gyms require that those lifting weights have a spotter readily available.
  9. Workout Partners in the Gym
    It is not a good idea to workout alone in a gym. You should always have a friend or staff member available in case of an injury or health emergency.
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