Why Do Indian Women Wear Bangles?

Indian Women Wear Bangles

The tradition of Indian women wear bangles started in past? However, to the present day, the custom continues. Ladies in India wear bangles to reinforce their female grace and wonder. These bangles are on the market in varied colors and styles. The word bangle has been obtained from the regular word Bangri or Bangali, that in the Sanskrit language these words mean ‘the ornament that adorns the arm’. Bangles are ornaments by each unwed lady and married ladies in India. Bangles have an extended history and area unit being made of varied materials as well as glass, conch, totally different metals, gold, and ivory. The standard bangles of are made of ivory and people from the geographical region is made of gastropod.

Historically, there’s sturdy proof that Indian ladies are adorning their arms with bangles the past. One of the oldest art objects in India, the bronze statuette of a recreation lady excavated at Mohenjo Daro epitomizes the antiquity and also the generality of wrist joint ornaments in India. The statuette stands within the nude with one arm at her hip, the opposite arm fully overloaded with a set of bangles. Even the Yakshinis area unit portrayed carrying bangles. Banabhatt’s Kadambari features a relevant divinity Saraswati – the divinity of learning UN agency is shown as carrying kangans. Ancient fragments testify that bangles were made of terracotta, stone, shell, copper, bronze, silver, gold, lac, etc. Bangles are manufactured from glass.

Significance of bangles for married ladies

In India, in step with customs and traditions, carrying bangles is critical for a mate. In some communities in India, a belief prevails that solely golden bangles mustn’t be worn. Additional glass bangles ought to accompany them. Glass bangles area unit aforementioned to be figuration the well-being of the husband and also the son. In some communities, ladies’ area unit thus irrational that once ever-changing the bangles they are doing not take away one bangle to the arm till they wore another set of bangles. They believe that associate an empty arm brings dangerous omen. Thus, it is often safely mentioned that girls not carrying bangles in India is frowned upon. However, things area unit ever-changing with ladies getting into the workplace.

In India, the ladies are expected to wear formal apparel as per the grooming norms. This could embrace either a standard dress with nominal jewelry or a churidar shirt with nominal jewelry covering the body. It’s frowned upon if a girl wears ancient jewelry to the workplace. Folks begin asking her if she is celebrating any occasion like her anniversary or her birthday or another factor. Conservative male husbands conjointly disapprove of their wives carrying their dress to the workplace. They feel that if their wives do this, a number of their male colleagues can look at their wives and obtain seduced which a retardant are for them.

It is conjointly believed that women aren’t happy in their married lives to wear modern apparel to the workplace to enter into affairs with their colleagues. This belief is control by some ancient Indian men agency feel insecure about their ladies being smarter than they are! Bangles are referred to as choodi in Hindi. They’re sometimes manufactured from glass, silver, copper, wood, plastic, and area unit on the market in varied colors and models.

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