What Is Cosmetic Tattooing? Read This Before You Get One

Think before you ink.

Semi-permanent makeup looks so much better than the harsh lip liner and drawn-on eyebrows from back in the day. But here’s why you still need to think before you ink.

You’re getting a tattoo on your face? Like you’re in prison?

Luckily, there’s never been a better time to outwit genetics. Semi-permanent makeup, which includes, among other treatments, lip tinting, everlasting eyeliner, and the wildly popular microblading (individually tattooed eyebrow hairs), is having more than a moment. Actresses like Mandy Moore, Olivia Wilde, and Lena Dunham have been open about their ink experiences.

So, imagine you took a drunken decision to get a tattoo done, but maybe years later, when you are sober and plan to get it removed, you needn’t have to book an appointment with your dermatologist. (Or maybe you can just change the pattern of the art, whichever one you prefer.)

Not just Hollywood actresses and fitness freaks, most women are loving the results too. A quick skim of reviews on the site finds that the treatments sound less invasive than Botox.

The difference with these procedures—and the reason they’re called semi-permanent makeup—is that the artists use micro pigments that are absorbed by the body over time and finer needles, so the ink isn’t inserted as deeply as it would be if you got, say, a traditional bicep type tattoo.

In fact, this type of work typically lasts only six months to two years, depending in part on your skin type, sun exposure, the artist, the ink, and even the tools used to design your tattoo.

Some artists use a digitally programmed pen that deposits particles of pigments one millimetre beneath the skin’s surface in a trademarked procedure which they call NanoColor Infusion. The idea is just to make art on your body, with temporary features.

Sounds interesting? Maybe, give it a try!

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