Use these skincare products if you are in your 20s

skincare products

Your 20s are very important years and it either makes you or breaks you when it comes to most important aspects of your life, be it your career, family or friendships. Also when it comes to skincare, these are the years where you should pay more attention to it. Although, it is difficult to set a skincare routine, but you can always use some products that’ll sort out your issues.

Here’s a list of them:

Face wash and a micellar water
We spend much of our time outdoors and this means that when we return to our homes, we have loads of dirt and grime on our faces. In order to remove it, you should go for double cleansing. This means you’ll have to clean your face twice – first, clean it with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water and then use a gel or cream-based cleanser. This will remove all the dirt instantly.

You should keep sunscreen always with you. You must include one in your skincare routine if you haven’t already. Use a sunscreen that has a minimum SPF 30. Sunscreen protects you from the harmful rays of the sun and doesn’t allow them to burn your skin. It also keeps your skin moisturised, preventing your skin from turning dry and dull.

Dead cells accumulating on the skin can be irritating and you should use scrub for exfoliation. For those who don’t know, exfoliation is the key to better skin. It also helps the moisturiser and other skincare products seep in better. However, it is important for you to know that scrubbing should only be done once a week. If you do it more than that then chances are that over-exfoliation will cause micro-tears on your skin and we surely do not want that to happen to you.

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