Struggling with a choice? Here’s how to select a pair of sunglasses for you.

sunglasses selection

Sunglasses not only make us look good but also make it easier for us to see on a sunny day. They have been enriching the style quotient for several years and also act as the best defence for keeping UV rays (Ultraviolet) from causing damage to the eye. According to various studies, it has been ascertained that direct exposure to UV rays increases the risk of cataracts, which is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world.

In order to save yourselves from the harmful rays, it is important that you make the right choice of sunglasses. Also, the most important thing is that they should also look good on you, so here’s how you can find your ideal sunglasses.

• When we talk about the most versatile sunglasses, then Aviators should top the list. Aviators are a top pick for both men and women. It is because of its versatility, that it can be worn with any outfit of your choice.

• If you feel that you are extremely ‘chic’ then Cat-Eye sunglasses should be your choice. In the past few years, the Cat-Eye sunglasses have been in the trend and haven’t got out of fashion yet. If you are a woman then the exaggerated upswept frame makes the Cat-Eye glasses ideal for you.

• One of the most favoured styles around the world is of wearing Wayfarer sunglasses. Your favourite Hollywood actors are often seen sporting the wayfarer glasses. They can be easily paired with any outfit and the best part about these sunglasses is that it works on almost all face shapes.

• One of the new emerging trends in the sunglass industry is of the Brow Bar sunglasses. It is the bolder version of the classic aviators. Brow Bar sunglasses are not very subtle but are meant to be flaunted by fashion-forward people. If you’re wearing it the next time, then surely you’ll make a very strong statement.

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