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Do you at any point stroll past somebody with tasty hair and wish to have a mane like theirs? Trust us, you’re in good company. One thing that each lady on the planet wants for is delectable, voluminous and gleaming hair. All things considered, why not, for would it be a decent selfie without a superior hair game? More than 50% ladies fight fragile hair troubles and wind up battling for quite a long time to get great, thick hair. In the event that you’ve been aching for thick bolts, read ahead and become acquainted with all that will help you support your hair development and its extravagance.

Mayonnaise + Egg Mask For Achieving Thick Hair

Alongside being significant food fixings utilized in various dishes, mayonnaise and egg can surprisingly influence the development of your hair as both are wealthy in protein. Here’s the way you can utilize them to get thick and tasty hair!


  • Make a glue by combining Mayonnaise and Egg as one.
  • Apply this glue to your hair and leave it for 25-30 minutes and afterward wash it off.
  • Utilize this cover week by week to see speedy outcomes.

Avocado + Banana Mask For Achieving Thick Hair

Plentiful in nutrient E, avocado saturates your hair and makes it thicker. The potassium, regular oils, carbs and nutrients in bananas help mollify and shield your hair from breakage. Utilize these two fixings on your hair and see superb outcomes!


  • Crush together one medium-sized ready avocado and one little ready banana.
  • Add one tablespoon every one of olive oil and raw grain oil to this glue.
  • Tenderly back rub this blend into your hair covering the roots and tips. Following 30 minutes, wash with cold water and cleanser.
  • For best outcomes, utilize this veil double seven days.

Onion Juice For Voluminous Hair

This fixing that is effectively accessible in each kitchen, is very valuable for your hair. Onion has a great deal of sulfur content that animates follicles for better hair development and thick hair. It likewise assists with accomplishing better hair by feeding your hair strands. Here’s the manner by which onion can be your go-to fixing with regards to boosting hair development.

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