No Shave November: Why do men go without a haircut in this month?

No Shave November

Happy November lads! Things are ‘gonna’ get a bit hairy now because No Shave November is finally here. To support the cause of creating awareness about cancer, men around the world will now be growing their beards. So join in and let the hair grow!

No Shave November is not just the top fashion trend in November; it is something that reminds us about the struggle of the people who are suffering from Cancer and how they feel after losing their hair to Chemotherapy.

The main focus of this initiative is to raise funds for research and awareness about Cancer; particularly testicular, colon and other cancers among men. No Shave November is credited as a joint initiative by ‘No Shave November Foundation’ and ‘Movember Foundation’. It was started in the USA in 2007 but it wasn’t a global phenomenon until the fall of 2009 when Chicagoland Hill family’s eight sons decided to use this initiative to raise money and awareness about colon cancer after their father, Mathew Hill died of it.

Learn more about how you can get involved and support the cause:

The Concept

The main goal of No Shave November is to grow awareness through embracing our hair and letting it grow natural and wild, while the money saved by not shaving for a month is donated to charity. The money we spend on shaving and grooming is used to educate people about cancer prevention, more research on cancer to save lives and aid those who are fighting a battle with cancer.


Rules For Participants

Anyone willing to take part in this movement must be willing to ditch their razor for the month of November and save up the monthly expenditure on shaving and grooming. This saving is then donated to cancer fighting foundations. Mission is to get closer to eradicating cancer one whisker at a time because together anything is possible.


Some tips for No Shave November

  1. Clean your beard twice a day, especially after workout
  2. Do not forget to moisturize
  3. Use beard moisturizer
  4. If you want it wild then let it if not but trim regularly
  5. Don’t touch and scratch your beard too much
  6. With beard growing good, you can even style to your personality


So, let us know about your thoughts on No Shave November by commenting below.

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