Have you recently bought a replacement DSLR camera and can’t stop clicking everything and anything that catches your eye? The background isn’t blurred enough or the frame isn’t wide enough or the small prints aren’t defined enough? We all know what you would like to repair your problems – the right optical lens for the type of photography you’re into. Using the proper lens is crucial for achieving the specified shot. Once you’re able to outgrow its limitations, here are a couple of more lenses that you simply can invest in:

Wide Angle Lens

If capturing landscapes, cityscapes, architecture etc is your thing, choose a good angle lens for your camera. Wide angle lenses because the name suggests have a wider field of view due to their short focal distance which allows you to capture larger scenes. Focal lengths between 35mm and 24mm are considered to be the quality fisheye lens while focal lengths shorter than that are ultra-wide angle lenses.

Zoom Lens

Zoom lens are mostly used for wildlife photography, sports events, photojournalism, capturing stage etc. The fact that it has a good range of focal lengths make it versatile and different from other lenses in a camera.

50 mm Prime Lens

The 50 mm prime camera lens features a fixed focal distance. Although this suggests that you simply won’t be ready to concentrate or out at the flick of your wrist, it offers more benefits to form up for it. Not only does it offer a far better, crisper image quality but also works rather well in low light conditions due to its large maximum aperture.

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