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Enjoy Coorg – the places for the ultimate coffee experience

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Off the beaten track: Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh

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Prefer eco-friendly travel? Explore these places around the world

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The idea of traveling to interesting places at a shoestring budget has taken the millennials by storm. Almost everyone wants to escape the mundane engagements of everyday life and rush to a place they fancy whenever time allows. More and more people are choosing the backpacker lifestyle over comfortable hotels and pre-planned trips. The bucket …

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There’s so much more to Dubai  For long, there has been a notion that Dubai is nothing but a concrete jungle where tall skyscrapers and towering architecture engulf everything. However, do not be fooled by this theory – the city is also about pristine beaches and awesome sunsets. It is, after all, situated on the …

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Money Worship

India’s very own spoof religion stands against religious extremism and hopes to add some fun in faith India is home to the oldest surviving religion, Hinduism. It is home to some of the most popular and biggest religions too. If you pick up our history books, the violence and intolerance in the name of religion …

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explore Goa

There is so much more to Goa than we know Think of Goa and all that comes to your mind is loud music, crowded beaches, tattoo parlours, and beer. Well, all these facets are there but do not just assume that Goa is only about these things. There is so much more to Goa than …

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What a steal! For those of us who slog our asses during the week, weekends feel like bliss. But the two-day break does not leave us with many options. However, there are times when the weekend offs get extended because of national holidays and this is when everyone wants to make sudden plans. Finding the …

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Youngnfab Magazine Post

For this lady, retirement is not an option!  When the monotony of the daily life gets way too overpowering, we all think of packing our bags and hitting the road. It is often the stuff of dreams for many but not for this 68-year old woman. Sudha Mahalingam has six passports and has travelled to …

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Dealing with a jet lag is an absolute nightmare. There is never-ending nausea, headache and a perennial sense of daze. However, there are a few ways to rejuvenate and shrug off the lag. Exercising remains one of the most potent ways to combat this menace – says a latest study published in The Journal of …

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Enjoy your coffee with a delightful view Winding lanes, lush plains and green plantations – Coorg is an absolute delight if you want to escape the jarring rush of the city life. And then there is coffee; the beans fill the aroma which is just the perfect therapy. Try these places when you are in …

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The travelling pattern of Indian women is fast changing As per a new survey conducted by The Travel Corporation (TTC) Indian travellers are more inclined towards travelling to new destinations like Eastern Europe, South America, Spain, and others. Also, a senior official from TTC said that one of the most interesting trends is that women …

Get a glimpse of prehistoric caves and the earliest paintings For the science enthusiasts and people who are fascinated by the history of human civilization, travelling to a place which still has the remnants of the work done by the earliest human beings is like a dream come true. Whether it is the Pyramids of …

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