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Off-beat horror movies on Netflix – Here’s a list

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Piyush Mishra Poems That Highlight The Complexity Of Human Relationships

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Not too loud, not too shy: How to be a perfect ambivert

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New Delhi: ‘How to improve relationship?’ is a question, perhaps, every person in a relationship, faces and seeks a practical and effective answer. For few people it is a puzzle and find themselves in dilemma as to how to deal with. It is rather difficult to keep the relationship at high spirit and cozy rather …

The relationship between mother and daughter keeps changing its characteristics. Undoubtedly, a mother is close most person in daughter’s life. Though, mother-daughter relationship is complex and diverse as it goes through rough and patch as well. As a girl grows, especially teenagers, she seeks more independence and rights. Right here, the problems started taking place …

New Delhi: One of the most complex relationships in the world is between a father and son. The world evolved so much over the decades, centuries and millenniums; but one thing that is not changed is the bond between a father and son. However, every relation has many characteristics, so is with father-son bond. It …