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Well yeah, you might find the title a little confusing or erroneous at first but let me try and explain. So, is trekking really similar to entrepreneurship and if yes, then how? If you are a trekker who is also an entrepreneur by any chance, you might be able to connect the dots. Let’s be …

Budhha is a household name in India and in many parts of the world. Let’s be honest, at least once, we all have quoted him (perhaps some quote which was not even his own) on social media or have read his sayings. The world has been fascinated by the man this Budhha has been. Shown …

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Considering the stressful and hectic daily schedule, Indian families usually find it difficult to go on a trip together. However, there is always this need to switch off and head for a holiday. There are options in India, which are light on your pocket but give you the perfect experience of the perfect getaway. We …

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Social Media: Mumbaikars, check out this newly opened vegetarian multi-cuisine lounge in Malad West First Look You will instantly fall in love with Bottle Wottle after witnessing its majestic interiors, lively ambience, spacious seating, delicious vegetarian food, signature cocktails, and attentive staff that make your experience worth every penny. Few things to know about Bottle …

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We like to pause, to breathe, to switch off, and jetting off to different lands is one sure way to get us back into the groove. However, there is always a budget constraint, a monetary impediment, which leaves a sour taste in our mouth. But then, there are also places where the Indian rupee will …

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Summer is at its peak in India and amidst the scorching heat, the best escape is a travel to the mountains to soak in the cool, fresh breeze and switch off from the daily humdrum. However, to have a seamless experience, an experience which offers you complete peace of mind, here is a list of essential items you must …

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Going with the name FoodieSince96, Mehak Dhawan – a 22 year old food blogger from Delhi – started her own Instagram page in 2016 to share her passion for food and photography with the world. For Mehak, it took a long time to reach the first 10,000 followers on the photo-sharing platform. However, her constant …

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You save money, plan out an itinerary, book tickets and then wait to jet off. Amidst all this, there are bound to be apprehensions, there are bound to be few jittery nerves and plenty of questions around what if. And then once you finally arrive at the destination, there could be few more impediments which might actually …

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Health & Wellness

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”  Today, saving our environment is not an option but a need. One day in a year has been reserved to remind us the importance of environment in our lives. However, this does not suffice the needs of the environment and …

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A recent study has found that consumption of coffee can improve bowel movement as it leads to changes in gut bacteria and also leads to improved abilities of intestines to contract. In a research which was conducted on rats, it was revealed that coffee suppressed bacteria and led to muscle mobility. “When rats were treated …

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Let’s not even begin with the various sorts of pleasures your vagina can bring to you, that’s why you should take a significant amount of care because that’s the place from where population begins. The vagina contains the most delicate and sensitive skin of your entire body, and things that seem harmless can leave you …

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Orgasms are a lot like food: while some may be healthy and good for your strength, others may be quite bad for you. For some women, orgasm can be quite complicated assuming that they are having too many of them, while others do not leave such a great reaction. Take a look at some orgasmic …

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Yoga se Hoga! Amidst the frenetic pace of life, we tend to ignore our physical and mental well-being and very often, the health of the skin is the perfect reflection of the same. Stress has become synonymous with the way we lead our lives and hence, we have to find out time to take care of …

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Absolutely gutted with the stagnant needle on the weighing machine? There is no reduction in your weight and you know perhaps cutting down on the sugar consumption is one sure way of toning down – there is a computer game which can now come to the aid of the people struggling overcome their sugar addiction to shed …

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Drink up mates! You may have been told that to want to lose weight, one must ditch the liquor, avoid high-calorie food and start exercising. Well, the latter pieces of advice may work for all of us, but ditching booze to lose weight is not a good idea. Here are various benefits of drinking red …

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Wait! Is that even a thing? In your attempt to lose weight, you might have tried every tip and suggestion. But there are reasons that may not help you in your weight loss journey, no matter how hard you try. These reasons can include reaching weight loss plateau, not following the right diet, not working …

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Regular sex also ensures reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks. You may be aware of the various health issues one gets for having sex, lack of sex can also be unhealthy. Sometimes sex may not be as great as they show on movies or porn websites, nevertheless, if it’s not practised on a …

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Fat to fit story which happened one day at a time At the age of 34, Maggie Wells was more than 300 pounds. Her main point of worry was not the possibility of death due to her bad health, but she was more afraid if something were to happen, her children would have no pictures …

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Weight loss journey does not always have to be boring and bland! For Indians, chickpeas or chana is absolutely intrinsic to their diet. Hence, we have to now also understand the massive nutritional benefits of chana and add them to our diet on a regular basis. They are an incredible source of plant-based protein. Well, …

Switch tea if you want to lose weight Are you disgusted by the flavour of green tea and to think that you have to drink it five times a day?… You do realise that it would be futile to drink that tea if you have it with sugar. The whole point of drinking herbal tea …

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Please consult your doctor, dietitian, or gym trainer before starting a new diet plan. While we are all for embracing one’s own size, let’s face it, obesity is not healthy and while we are all against fat shaming, we do encourage fitness. With the plethora of diets, inclusions and exclusions, and eating choices to be …

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Beat the heat! Summer is the perfect time to taste the best of fruits, it’s the season of aam, aam panna and fun. Summers are also a great time to include colourful fruits in your diet and let nature do its job. Fruits are the best way to load up your nutrient quotient and come …

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Start your diet with those green vegetables Disclaimer: Please contact your dietician, doctor, before trying this diet. The author will not take responsibility if the reader falls sick. If you want to part ways with meat, the vegetarian diet is an excellent substitute. The high-quality and nutritious vegetarian diet, will not only help in maintaining …

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Are you in love with ice-cream but afraid that it might affect your weight. Well here’s a solution, you can follow the keto diet and have ice cream as well. Before you google Keto diet, you can read it right here. The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low carbohydrate, adequate protein diet that which forces …

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