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There’s so much more to Dubai  For long, there has been a notion that Dubai is nothing but a concrete jungle where tall skyscrapers and towering architecture engulf everything. However, do not be fooled by this theory – the city is also about pristine beaches and awesome sunsets. It is, after all, situated on the …

Money Worship

India’s very own spoof religion stands against religious extremism and hopes to add some fun in faith India is home to the oldest surviving religion, Hinduism. It is home to some of the most popular and biggest religions too. If you pick up our history books, the violence and intolerance in the name of religion …


What a steal! For those of us who slog our asses during the week, weekends feel like bliss. But the two-day break does not leave us with many options. However, there are times when the weekend offs get extended because of national holidays and this is when everyone wants to make sudden plans. Finding the …

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For this lady, retirement is not an option!  When the monotony of the daily life gets way too overpowering, we all think of packing our bags and hitting the road. It is often the stuff of dreams for many but not for this 68-year old woman. Sudha Mahalingam has six passports and has travelled to …

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Dealing with a jet lag is an absolute nightmare. There is never-ending nausea, headache and a perennial sense of daze. However, there are a few ways to rejuvenate and shrug off the lag. Exercising remains one of the most potent ways to combat this menace – says a latest study published in The Journal of …

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Amazon Prime Video is doing a phenomenal job and its targeted content for Indian viewers is reaping the fruits for the company. According to the latest reports, Prime Video is performing better than Netflix in India which has forced the latter to launch a cheaper mobile-only plan. Even then, Netflix cannot compete with Amazon which …

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The travelling pattern of Indian women is fast changing As per a new survey conducted by The Travel Corporation (TTC) Indian travellers are more inclined towards travelling to new destinations like Eastern Europe, South America, Spain, and others. Also, a senior official from TTC said that one of the most interesting trends is that women …


Earlier, Indians had to pay almost Rs 2,400 as visa fee on arrival in Sri Lanka  In an attempt to boost tourism after the recent terror attacks, Sri Lanka is offering free visa on arrival to Indian passport holders starting from August 1. This announcement was made by the Tourism Ministry of Sri Lanka recently. …

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Working to the point of exhaustion may prove counterproductive Being always on the move and trying to be successful in a competitive world can be really stressful. Probably, we have all been in that place where we have faced the pressure of trying to prove ourselves by giving it everything. Haven’t we? We choose to …

Slice of cheesecake, two chocolate-chip cookies, a packet of potato chips, a slice of pizza, or a packet of biscuit – That’s it! Reducing the intake of calories is one of the most certain ways of losing weight and by eliminating certain food groups from the diet and keeping a tab on what and when …

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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”  Today, saving our environment is not an option but a need. One day in a year has been reserved to remind us the importance of environment in our lives. However, this does not suffice the needs of the environment and …

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A recent study has found that consumption of coffee can improve bowel movement as it leads to changes in gut bacteria and also leads to improved abilities of intestines to contract. In a research which was conducted on rats, it was revealed that coffee suppressed bacteria and led to muscle mobility. “When rats were treated …

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Stay fit, stay happy! One of the most important exercise one can add to their daily routine is running – 40-45 minutes of a good run go a long way in improving not only your health but also gives you good fitness. However, one should always be careful about the diet and things to avoid …

The IMST, which was developed way back in the 1980s, is a means to wean critically ill people off ventilators Working-out for five minutes a day can now reduce the risk of a heart attack. As per a new research, it has been found that an innovative five-minute workout is an effective and efficient way …

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Yoga se Hoga! Amidst the frenetic pace of life, we tend to ignore our physical and mental well-being and very often, the health of the skin is the perfect reflection of the same. Stress has become synonymous with the way we lead our lives and hence, we have to find out time to take care of …

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There are so many advantages of incorporating probiotics in your regular diet – it not only helps regulate gut bacteria but also acts as a supplement to perform critical functions pertaining to the immune system and metabolism. Also, it helps improve brain function which is a way of managing the anxiety, as per researchers. These probiotics are primarily living …

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Absolutely gutted with the stagnant needle on the weighing machine? There is no reduction in your weight and you know perhaps cutting down on the sugar consumption is one sure way of toning down – there is a computer game which can now come to the aid of the people struggling overcome their sugar addiction to shed …

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Drink up mates! You may have been told that to want to lose weight, one must ditch the liquor, avoid high-calorie food and start exercising. Well, the latter pieces of advice may work for all of us, but ditching booze to lose weight is not a good idea. Here are various benefits of drinking red …

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Turmeric powder

No, we are not talking about the first night!  Haldi-waala doodh! Remember the times you were forced to drink it as a child? Well, now it is scientifically proven that turmeric is extremely beneficial for your health and that it should be a part of your diet. Turmeric or haldi is a permanent presence in …


Ayurveda has all the answers!  Weight loss – these two words make almost everyone feel helpless. While it seems absolutely easy to maintain a strict diet and exercising regularly to some, it is close to impossible for many others. Thus, a large number of people constantly look for easy ways in which they can lose …

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Weight loss journey does not always have to be boring and bland! For Indians, chickpeas or chana is absolutely intrinsic to their diet. Hence, we have to now also understand the massive nutritional benefits of chana and add them to our diet on a regular basis. They are an incredible source of plant-based protein. Well, …

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Your phone is making you fat! At a time when lifestyles have become rather erratic, spending too much time on your smartphones should be avoided as much as possible. As per a study, students who use their smartphones for five hours or more are more vulnerable to obesity and this also increases the risk of …

One of the major concerns which face us is the urge to gorge on sweet or salty food right through the day. There are bouts of hunger late in the night too and there is the temptation to belt sweet food. However, there is a way to control this urge. As per a recent study, …

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The intense heat which has descended upon us is not the only problem we face during the summer months. The hot summer months also come with food and water-borne diseases, which include diarrhoea and typhoid. Hence, grabbing food from the road-side vendors, taking a bite of cut fruit, and drinking contaminated water may lead to frequent gastrointestinal …

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